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Divorcing a narcissist is a complex situation

| Mar 26, 2021 | Divorce |

You know that you cannot stay in a marriage with your spouse any longer. But extricating yourself from the union may be challenging.

The decision to walk away from a narcissistic spouse puts you one step closer to freedom, but that freedom is going to come at a cost. You must deal with the antics they employ as you go through the divorce. This isn’t going to be easy, but remembering a few points may help you navigate through the end of your marriage.

Emotions give power

Your emotional reactions to their shady tactics will give the narcissist power. Instead of letting them see that they affected you, you’ll likely fare better if you keep your emotions in check when you’re dealing with the narcissist. Some people find that using written communication or communicating through a third party can help them to hide their reactions better.

Need to win

The narcissist is going to get wins wherever they can. They may even view being able to drag the divorce on as a win if they think that they’re making you miserable or costing you money. Be prepared from the start for these types of issues.

Lies and other antics

A narcissistic individual lives in a world that isn’t close to reality. They’re often willing to lie and use other tactics to get their way. Because of this, it’s best if you keep records of everything related to the divorce. This can help you combat those lies if necessary.

Let your lawyer know if your ex is a narcissist. This may help them to determine what types of strategies to use as they work with you on your case. Your attorney will protect your rights at all times during the divorce. A person who is narcissistic isn’t concerned with what is fair or equitable, so you have to be willing to stand up for your rights. Your attorney can help you with this.