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Your living costs will go up after divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2022 | Divorce |

While there are always exceptions to the rule, there’s a general trend that living costs tend to increase after you get divorced. This is simply because it is less expensive to be married than it is to be single, according to some studies. Single individuals spend a greater proportion of their income on their expenses.

The reason for this is simply that married couples are sharing a lot of those expenses. If you and your spouse both work making $75,000 a year, for instance, you still only have one mortgage payment. If you get divorced, your income drops from the combined $150,000 a year, but you still need to pay rent or a mortgage payment. Your ex also has to make these payments. Essentially, your housing costs have doubled because you are single instead of married.

It’s not just housing that changes

Housing is an easy example of how this can change, but remember that all costs are going to change. Maybe you shared a car before and now you both have to have your own vehicle. Perhaps you shared the costs of food or paid off the utilities and taxes. All of the bills that you had before may be smaller now, but both you and your ex have to pay them, so the total cost of living for both of you is going to go up.

This is important to note simply because you want to keep it in mind as you budget for your post-divorce life. You also have to think about it during property division as you strive to get the financial assets that you both deserve and need.